How To Convert Gmail To EML – Answer Is Here!

Gmail Backup - Perform

How to convert Gmail to EML? You may be exited to know why this question is been asked. There is strong reason behind this, the security of your Gmail data that is been comprised and the culprit is none other than Google itself.

Yes, you may be shocked while reading this fact that your Gmail data is not safe even after you are logged out from Gmail account. Google access your email data saved on its Server. It means whether you are logged in or not Google reads all you mail data whether sent or received for advertisement.


Why Taking A Backup Is Needed?

The name for the campaign charging petition against Google by Microsoft is "SCROOGLED". What Google do is it reads all your confidential data and check out for the words that can be utilized for paid advertisements? You might have noticed sometime that the ads sponsored by Google into your Gmail account just matches your requirements. Have you ever thought of how this happens!

This happens because Google reads all your messages via emails and targets your problems. Then an advertisement related to it is displayed into your inbox. For executing this process Google charges amount from the advertisers. So taking in consideration this fact that your personal as well as professional email data is not secure anymore; better is to switch your email data from Server to an external hard drive. This can be done by taking backup of all your Gmail mailbox data and keeping it on safer place.

How To Take Backup By Hiring Professional Tool

Now you might be thinking how to backup your Gmail data. For solving this query we are here with a solution named as Gmail backup software. The software specializes in taking backup of your Gmail account emails, contacts information, calendar entries and to do list etc in simplified manner. It also provide user with an answer of their queries like how to convert Gmail to EML because it provide an option to convert email data into EML like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird file format along with MBOX and PST file formats.

The software also provides an option of deleting all your data from Gmail account once the backup is created to save space from Server.